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Euphoric Living

A Year-long Mentorship with Emily L. Glaser

to Deepen your Wellness & Enliven your Spirit through Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology

  • Establish a nourishing lifestyle that naturally creates robust health, a strong immune system, and a calm mind?

  • Experience the connection and support of a positive, growth-oriented, loving community focused on health and self-care in this time of increasing isolation?

  • Deepen into a spiritual consciousness and self-understanding that inspires your sense of

wellness and community?

DO YOU want to...

Do you want to stop feeling...

  • Tired, exhausted or overwhelmed

  • Uncomfortable or painful digestion

  • Dips in your energy through the day

  • Physical aches or pains

  • Uncertainty about what to eat

  • Like you catch every cold or flu that comes along

  • Sluggish or overweight

and start feeling...

  • Consistent energy and enthusiasm

  • Easy, smooth digestion

  • Empowerment and purpose in your day

  • Pain-free movement 

  • Inspiration to cook for yourself or others you care for

  • Robust health and strength

  • Ease and vitality in your life

Ayurveda & Moon class.jpg
Ayurveda & Moon class.jpg

By learning and implementing the practical, daily habits of Ayurveda, robust good health will naturally unfold. These time-tested tools have been practiced for over 5,000 years – and they work.

In this year-long journey, you’ll gradually learn, practice, refine, and eventually establish 10 powerful habits that will change your life. 

With the support of our healing community, you will increase your energy, improve the quality of your sleep, strengthen your immunity, heal your digestion, stabilize your weight, and deepen your relationships with others, Spirit and with your true self. 

Imagine how good you could feel in a year if you were consistently improving your habits day by day.

 True health care is a conscious, dynamic, daily, evolving & lifelong practice.


Truly Transform your Health by Reconnecting to the Guidance of Nature

~ with Support Every Step of the Way


Dream it

Begin to learn the 10 practices, knowing you don’t have to change overnight or be perfect.

Learn about habit-changing science and ways to work with your brain to create lasting shifts.

Start to feel some positive changes right away in your moods, your digestion and your self awareness. Get inspired by program members who are a trimester ahead of you and their progress.


Cultivate it

Now that you know the 10 practices, begin to play with them, finding what works in your unique life. 

Notice when you are in and out of integrity and learn to shift more quickly to come back into alignment, resulting in feeling better, stronger and more confident. 

Observe how your emotions, thoughts and health are becoming more balanced, and how your vision of your ideal self may be shifting.

Grow it

Now you’re hitting your stride – the 10 practices feel familiar, resulting in more happiness and physical strength. The mind is clear, and ease is coming into your life.

You struggle less to shift your behaviors towards your ideal. You are finding deeper levels of energy, your emotions are more positive and you feel more consistently inspired – and you inspire the newest cohort joining the program.

Your body and mind have become vibrant, grounded and resilient. You begin to discover a deeper alignment to your life purpose, and more clarity about what that purpose is.


You are the architect of your life.

Euphoric Living brings together the brilliance of Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and modern behavioral science with a supportive and loving community that will bolster your health by changing your thought patterns, your practices, and your habits.

In Euphoric Living, you will…

  • Develop new behaviors and thoughts that embed good health into your daily routines in a way that will serve you for the rest of your life

  • Get to know yourself better, uncovering the mysteries of your unique body-mind and what makes it tick

  • Feel supported by an intimate circle of others equally committed to making a real shift in their own lives

  • Learn concrete practices from Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology to create stability and vibrance in your body and mind

  • Receive specific guidance from Emily to significantly boost your energy, immunity and overall health

byLeslieSlavin (29).jpeg

Create tangible, concrete improvements to your health


Ayurveda’s time-tested lifestyle guidance has been practiced and refined for over 5,000 years – and it works. As you move through the program year, you will experience….

  • Deeper, more restorative sleep

  • Regular, comfortable elimination

  • Less isolation

  • Easier menstrual cycles, or reduced menopause symptoms

  • More consistent energy throughout the day

  • Comfortable digestion

  • Fewer aches and pains

  • A pervasive sense of well-being in your body and mind


Not only will you learn new information, you’ll have my personal guidance and our community’s support to apply it and make lasting changes.

What Emily’s Clients are Saying…

"A year ago, the program called out to me… just grabbed me and I was honored to be included. I was hungry for a spiritual community, and I didn’t have any idea how much. My whole sleep cycle has changed and for the better. I now enjoy the early mornings, I read more poetry and my diet has changed. Most importantly my meditation has become much more regular, and it has deepened. It has become essential. At the end of this year, I am more at peace, less judgmental, ever more grateful, doing more yoga and feeling more in my own skin. And what surprised me was the delight of the community, having fellow travelers. My gratitude knows no bounds."

Namaste - Diana Beach


Are you ready for real change?

Change takes time. So let's take a year to establish our roots and build a sustainable practice. Through Euphoric Living we move into a more profound body/mind/spirit integrity and learn to listen and understand our body's messages. A year is what it takes to establish new patterns that make a lasting, life-changing impact.

The container of Euphoric Living allows us to move through the seasons and learn to adapt our practices to different times of the year. We learn who we are and how to deeply support ourselves more deeply, building self-confidence and trust in our inner wisdom, one step at a time.

THE Euphoric Living CURRICULUM

Built around 10 foundational lifestyle practices derived from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Learn, Practice, and Integrate.

In your first Trimester, you are introduced to the 10 lifestyle practices

Our journey begins with an introduction to the basics practices of Ayurveda and the behavioral science of habit change. Some of the practices will come easily to you, and you'll reap the benefits from them right away. Some will be new to you and you will just begin to learn about them and find out how they fit into your life.

In your second Trimester, you really dig into practice

In the second round, you go deeper with the practices that were easy for you and begin to work with those that are less intuitive.  You meet your resistance and learn to deal with it with kindness and understanding. You find ways to work the practices to support you in all aspects of your life. You begin to change as a person, you feel better, and you are more in touch with what is possible.

In your third Trimester, you start to hit your stride

By the third round, you have dialed in many of the practices and are living from a more resourced place.  You know how to listen to your body, and which habit to go to when you feel "off." You let go of perfectionism as you rest into the various cycles you pass through. You know how to take care of yourself on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. 



Your Euphoric Living year includes: engaging educationmotivating group coachingastrological insight... and a vibrant community made up of inspiring new friends.

Group Meeting.jpg

Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions

The core of Euphoric Living is the weekly online group mentoring sessions with Emily – part education, part coaching, part conversation, and part inspiration. Each session we explore one of the foundational principles, a current seasonal influence, or a related concept, and how it all applies to our health and empowerment.

You will be encouraged and challenged to hold to your new vision of what is possible for you as we face the hurdles to establishing new practices that we are bound to encounter. 

The group is limited in size so our connections can grow in intimacy and there is ample time for all voices. All sessions will be recorded in case you have to miss a live session.

The Group Mentoring Sessions are 75-minutes long.


Individual Intake Consultation

To support your personal learning, you will have an individual Ayurveda consultation with Emily in the first month of the program to review your health history and clarify your priorities for the year ahead. This conversation may include personalized food and herb recommendations, or other customized guidance.

Image by Jeremy Thomas

Vedic Astrology Reading with Emily

The heavenly pattern present at the moment of birth indicates a unique trajectory for a person’s life and can assist in the development and application of the inner light of knowledge and discrimination. A Vedic Astrology reading will provide an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart, answering your questions, and offering guidance that will help you navigate your karmic path.

Check-in Calls with Emily

Every other month, you have a check-in call with Emily to touch base on your current primary focus, consider your astrology, and to troubleshoot any obstacles you are encountering. These 25-minute conversations help you stay on track with your intentions and offer you personalized support and guidance.

Spring Digestive Reset (2).jpg

Your own Program Partner

Each member will be paired with another member to help inspire and support each other. Staying in touch regularly helps you work through the course concepts and apply them to your life. Each Trimester, you will be paired with a new partner so you strengthen more relationships within the community.

Copying Down

Online Forum Moderated by Emily

Our private online forum serves as a place to share ideas, seek support, post resources, and ask questions between our live meetings.

Online Materials and Resources

You will also receive Practice Sheets, Self-Study Guides, Recipes, my suggested reading list, and other resources in our online classroom to support your learning and integration.

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Class begins:

January 6, 2022



Your investment is $300/month for 12 months

or save $300 by paying in full $3300


THE Euphoric Living CURRICULUM

New community members join the group 3 times a year.
The next members will join on January 6, 2022.


  • Weekly Group Mentorship Sessions – Thursdays 7:45am  MST/9:45am EST -75 minutes

  • Individual Intake Consultation with Emily (1 hour)

  • Personalized Vedic Astrology Reading with Emily (1 hour)

  • Check-in Calls with Emily every other month (25 minutes)

  • Downloadable Materials and Online Resource Hub Access videos and audios to help you learn and practice each of the lifestyle practices, and download worksheets to support your self-inquiry and track your progress. 

  • Your Own Accountability Partner for support and inspiration

  • Private Online Community Forum moderated by Emily for Q&A and support

  • Online Classroom Resources including Info Sheets, Self-Study Guides, Recipes, Suggested Reading List, and other Resources

  • A Growing Evolutionary Global Community Become part of a dynamic community where people evolve faster and have way more fun doing it together! Meet your future best friends and colleagues

Pink Sky

Ready to dive in?

Your next step is to apply! Fill out the brief application below and schedule a time for us to speak.  I look forward to talking with you and seeing if this program is a good fit.

Program Dates:

January - December, 2022

HAVE SOME Questions?

Great – please schedule a discovery call by clicking on the button below.

Let's have a conversation. I can answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to welcoming you into our loving, inspirational community!


Emily Glaser RN, BSN

Ayurveda Practitioner