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The Healing Power of Deep Sleep

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The Healing Power of Deep Sleep

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Nov 11, 9:30 AM

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Join us for a beautiful bedtime story - The Healing Power of Deep Sleep, according to the ancient science of Ayurveda.

"Our quota of happiness and unhappiness, nourishment and emaciation, strength and debility, sexual power and impotence, knowledge and ignorance, and in fact, life and death, are all dependent on sleep itself." 

-Charaka Samhita, Sutrasthanam - 21, 36.

According to Ayurveda, the Three Pillars of Life are food, sleep, and sex. Proper eating, sleeping, and use of our sexual energy are considered essential building blocks for vitality and vibrancy in our life. By working to find balance in these areas, the body and mind can experience a superior state of health and well-being.

The early morning is light, new, sharp, and vivid—an opportunity to focus our attention on our love for divine nature and actively create each new day before us. And in contrast, the night is dark and deep, a time of healing and transformation.

The body utilizes sleep as an opportunity to use its energy for healing and repair. A good night's sleep will simplify your life, help you to harmonize your circadian rhythms, and provide energy and enthusiasm on levels that affect your innermost essence.

Just as it is essential to have a consistent and healthy routine for the daytime, dinacharya, it is equally as vital for you to have a soothing nighttime routine to wind down and de-stress each evening before bed.

Ayurveda provides us with the tools to prepare ourselves for better-quality rest, deep energy, and a more easeful state of mind. Building up a reservoir of rest, energy, and ease is a formula for a nourishing, vivacious, and inspired life.

  • Healing Power of Deep Sleep

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